Thursday, 8 August 2013

Making Pasta at the Bellevue Alpine Lodge

We are a friendly lot at the Bellevue Alpine Lodge.  So much so, that sometimes even the guests get the chance to work in the kitchen!

Mandy - owner of the Lodge - takes up the tale: 

Riccardo & Veronica (pictured below) are staying with us for a couple of weeks.   
The other day Riccardo asked me to show him some of my recipes and, of course, my answer was yes...but only if you teach me a pasta recipe! 

So, last night he cooked a typical pasta dish from Bologna: 'Gramigna alla salsiccia' with sausage meat, olive oil, red wine, thyme anparmesan.

We shared this delicious meal with our other guests, and followed a wonderful dinner with a few games of cards.

For your chance to work in our kitchen, or even just to holiday and let us cook for you, please check our website for details of accommodation and how to contact us.

Interview by  Iain Martin

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