Friday, 9 August 2013

A Day Trip to the Barage d'Emosson

No visit to Vallorcine is complete without a day trip to the magnificent Barage d'Emosson.

This dam is actually located over the border in Switzerland.  Constructed in 1925, the dam itself is fascinating to look at - this huge man made structure, contrasting with the giant peaks and valleys around it.

Travel by Train

An interesting way to access the site is by the funicular and panoramic train which goes from Chatelard.  You can take the train from Vallorcine to Chatelard.

'The name's Bond, James Bond'

Although famous for featuring in the James Bond movie 'The World Is Not Enough', the dam is worth a visit for a journey into the past, as dinosaur fossils can be found there.


Sandstone slabs reveal evidence of dinosaurs from the Triassic era (150m years ago), when this area was the sea floor.  The Alps are youngsters in comparison at only 10-15 million years old.

It's a 90 minutes walk to see the dinosaur footprints, which can only be seen after the snow had melted.


There are many other walks from the top, ranging from a simple 30 minutes to 2h30m.  All can be taken from the top and are accessible easily.


And of course, if you were so inclined you could cycle up there.  It's a steep climb, but offers amazing views. This great blog post gives you more info about the ride.

Bed and Breakfast and Half-Board Accommodation

The Bellevue Alpine Lodge is a great place to stay for exploring the Barage d'Emosson and the rest of the valley.  For more details and to check availability, please check our website.

Article by Iain Martin

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