Monday, 30 December 2013

Chamexpress offers transfers from Geneva to Vallorcine

Great news for visitors to the Bellevue Alpine Lodge is that specialist transfer company, Chamexpress, now go operate to Vallorcine.

Chamexpress now offers transfers from Geneva to Vallorcine

Chamexpress are widely regarded as the Alps' most reliable scheduled transfer service.  They have been rapidly expanding their operating routes over the past year and the latest hot destination is Chamonix's secret, secluded village of Vallorcine.

The Chamexpress services operate every 30 minutes from Geneva airport and the standard fare is €31.39 HT. 

The Flexi-fare is a little more expensive (€36.59) and gives you the opportunity to get on the next transfer with available seats if you miss your reserved transfer. Standard fare holders would have to re-book.

Chamexpress operate transfer services year round and recognised the potential of Vallorcine as a year round destination due to its climbing and hiking in summer, winter links into Le Tour ski area and its nature reserve that attracts visitors at any time.

Accommodation in Vallorcine

For more information about staying in Vallorcine, please contact Mandy and Mike at the Bellevue Alpine Lodge - we are a traditional gite style B&B with 5 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 15 people.  

Please call us on +33 (0)4 50 54 60 43 for more details.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Keep the air in the Chamonix Valley clean and pure!

One of the best things about any trip to the Alps, and the Chamonix valley in particular, is the wonderful clean and pure air.

At the Bellevue Alpine Lodge we'd like to keep it that way, which is why we back the 'Inspire' movement for 'De l'air pur au Pays du Mont Blanc'.

You can view the English language video by Inspire, explaining about their campaign:

Changes that can help

There are various suggestions they make including avoiding journeys by car where possible and driving more slowly - 70-80kmh is most efficient.

Key changes include:

1. Load the most polluting trucks onto the railway during winter months
2. Increase awareness of the causes of pollution
3. Support car pooling
4. Encourage cycling

Sign the petition

You can sign the petition online at

We love Vallorcine and the Chamonix valley and we want to keep it as pure and beautiful for all residents and visitors, all year round, so everyone can appreciate it at its best.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Great video of the Balme Ski Area

We came across this great video by the Compagnie du Mont Blanc on their YouTube channel.

It highlights the Time Trial area, an ARVA training zone, and all the other great features for families including broad and well-groomed slopes.

On top of that it's south-facing with great views, so get yourself along to Vallorcine and visit us at the Bellevue Alpine Lodge.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Vallorcine gets ready to open for winter 2013/2014

This weekend sees the ski areas in Argentiere and Les Houches open for the first time this season and next weekend they will be joined by Vallorcine, La Balme and the other ski regions of the Chamonix valley.

Stay at the Bellevue this winter

Snow conditions are extremely good for this time of year, so we look forward to welcoming you at the Bellevue Alpine Lodge for your trip to the Chamonix valley this season.

The snow is looking good

Here's how the top of the Vallorcine gondola at 1850m looked earlier today:

This is the view from start of the Autannes chairlift in Domain de Balme:

Late availability and great early season prices

We have some late availability for Christmas due to a cancellation, plus we have some great early season prices.  For more details, just give us a call on +33 (0)4 50 54 60 43 or send us an email.  

We look forward to meeting you during the season!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Safe Driving in the Alps – Tips from the Locals

There’s no escaping the fact that driving in and around the Alps is a wholly different experience than bumbling around your local town in the family people-mover. 

Whether or not you accept and interpret this difference will directly impact not only the enjoyment of your trip, but also the safety of you, your family and anyone else that happens to be on the roads at the time.

So rather than thinking you’ve got it covered and will take to the ice like a penguin, listen to and heed a few tips from the locals to make your Alpine driving adventure one to remember in a positive light:

Ask and Listen
First and foremost, before heading out on a journey of any kind be sure to ask the pros about the route. It could be the locals, it could be your tour operator or it could be a local tourist information website. The point being that there are always advisable and wholly inadvisable routes to take across the Alps and it’s not always obvious which is which. So, do yourself a favour and ask, but most importantly, listen!

Allow Excessive Time
If you think you need 30 minutes, leave an hour. If you think you need an hour to get there, allow two hours. Get the point? It’s human nature that the less time you have, the quicker you’ll try to get there which in the Alps can be a pretty risky way of driving at the best of times.

Take Maps and GPS
You could lose your paper maps and you could easily find that your GPS has crapped out on you. However, there’s not much chance of BOTH happening at the same time so always be sure to back up your primary navigation method with at least one more. And don’t forget, extreme weather can play hell with your GPS system’s signals.

Stock Up Well
It’s not likely you’ll end up stuck by the side of the road for a day or two, but you can’t rule it out. So, be prepared for anything and make sure you’ve got enough food, water and warm clothes/blankets to ride out a breakdown or a sudden change in the weather.

Don’t Go Off-Road
The back-roads and secluded villages across the Alps are more beautiful than you’d ever believe, but this doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for you to try driving them. Not only can the smaller Alpine roads can become 100% impassable in a matter of minutes, but they’re also much more dangerous at the best of times.

Consider Taking the Bus
If you’re thinking of driving for the same of airport transfers, you could save yourself time, money and serious stress by taking the bus. There are so many cheap Geneva transfers on offer it’s often not even worth bothering with the car – no matter where you’re going you’re talking a much lower price than the equivalent petrol cost and priceless peace of mind to boot.

Tell Someone Where You’re Going
And finally, make sure that someone knows where you’re going and when you should arrive. It could be the accommodation owner where you’re heading, a friend at the resort or even a person back home – just be sure there’s somebody that can raise the alarm if you don’t turn up where you’re supposed to be at the time you’re supposed to be there.

This is a guest post by Alps2Alps - the friendly ski transfers provider. They cover all Alpine destinations and ski resorts with private and shared transfers from and to Geneva, Chambery, Lyon, Grenoble airports.

Transfers to Vallorcine to stay at the Bellevue Alpine Lodge are available from 35 euros per person.

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