Thursday, 12 December 2013

Keep the air in the Chamonix Valley clean and pure!

One of the best things about any trip to the Alps, and the Chamonix valley in particular, is the wonderful clean and pure air.

At the Bellevue Alpine Lodge we'd like to keep it that way, which is why we back the 'Inspire' movement for 'De l'air pur au Pays du Mont Blanc'.

You can view the English language video by Inspire, explaining about their campaign:

Changes that can help

There are various suggestions they make including avoiding journeys by car where possible and driving more slowly - 70-80kmh is most efficient.

Key changes include:

1. Load the most polluting trucks onto the railway during winter months
2. Increase awareness of the causes of pollution
3. Support car pooling
4. Encourage cycling

Sign the petition

You can sign the petition online at

We love Vallorcine and the Chamonix valley and we want to keep it as pure and beautiful for all residents and visitors, all year round, so everyone can appreciate it at its best.

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