Friday, 9 August 2013

A Day Trip to the Barage d'Emosson

No visit to Vallorcine is complete without a day trip to the magnificent Barage d'Emosson.

This dam is actually located over the border in Switzerland.  Constructed in 1925, the dam itself is fascinating to look at - this huge man made structure, contrasting with the giant peaks and valleys around it.

Travel by Train

An interesting way to access the site is by the funicular and panoramic train which goes from Chatelard.  You can take the train from Vallorcine to Chatelard.

'The name's Bond, James Bond'

Although famous for featuring in the James Bond movie 'The World Is Not Enough', the dam is worth a visit for a journey into the past, as dinosaur fossils can be found there.


Sandstone slabs reveal evidence of dinosaurs from the Triassic era (150m years ago), when this area was the sea floor.  The Alps are youngsters in comparison at only 10-15 million years old.

It's a 90 minutes walk to see the dinosaur footprints, which can only be seen after the snow had melted.


There are many other walks from the top, ranging from a simple 30 minutes to 2h30m.  All can be taken from the top and are accessible easily.


And of course, if you were so inclined you could cycle up there.  It's a steep climb, but offers amazing views. This great blog post gives you more info about the ride.

Bed and Breakfast and Half-Board Accommodation

The Bellevue Alpine Lodge is a great place to stay for exploring the Barage d'Emosson and the rest of the valley.  For more details and to check availability, please check our website.

Article by Iain Martin

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Making Pasta at the Bellevue Alpine Lodge

We are a friendly lot at the Bellevue Alpine Lodge.  So much so, that sometimes even the guests get the chance to work in the kitchen!

Mandy - owner of the Lodge - takes up the tale: 

Riccardo & Veronica (pictured below) are staying with us for a couple of weeks.   
The other day Riccardo asked me to show him some of my recipes and, of course, my answer was yes...but only if you teach me a pasta recipe! 

So, last night he cooked a typical pasta dish from Bologna: 'Gramigna alla salsiccia' with sausage meat, olive oil, red wine, thyme anparmesan.

We shared this delicious meal with our other guests, and followed a wonderful dinner with a few games of cards.

For your chance to work in our kitchen, or even just to holiday and let us cook for you, please check our website for details of accommodation and how to contact us.

Interview by  Iain Martin

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

La Cascade de Bérard in Vallorcine

No visit to Vallorcine is complete without a visit to the magnificent 'Cascade de Bérard'.

We love to take the dog for a walk to this wonderful spectacle.  It's only a short walk from Vallorcine.

Simply go to the Buet end of the village, where you can park your car.  Then cross the road and follow the dirt track.  It takes about 25 minutes, over a 100m ascent and is a walk suitable for all ages.

On arrival there is a lovely cafe, plus you can explore behind the waterfall via a secret path!

This video (in French) tells you more about the walk and what's involved in keeping the access open:

Gite and Bed and Breakfast in Vallorcine
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Article by Iain Martin

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Fete des Guides comes to Chamonix

It's less than two weeks now until the 2013 Fete des Guides in the Chamonix valley.

This annual event celebrates, and raises money for the mountain guides of the valley, awarding prizes to those for outstanding achievements and remembering those who have died in this sometimes dangerous profession.

The Fete des Guides runs from 12-15 August in 2013, with events in Argentiere and Les Houches and culminating in a spectacular 'Son et Lumieres' finale at Lac des Gaillands.

It's yet another reason to come to Chamonix in an action packed summer of events.

For great value accommodation in the Chamonix valley, why not stay with us at the Bellevue Alpine Lodge. We are located in beautiful Vallorcine, just outside Chamonix.  We offering B&B and half board options.  

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Article by Iain Martin