Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mandy Laycock voted in as Conseillere Municipal for Vallorcine

If you were in the French Alps this weekend, you will know that all French communes had their local elections. 

In many resorts, the lift openings were delayed to allow pisteurs to vote.

Election success for Mandy 
We are delighted to announce that Mandy Laycock - one of the co-owners of the Bellevue Alpine Lodge - was voted in as a Conseillere Municipal for Vallorcine.

Each commune in France has a mayor (maire) and municipal council (conseil municipal).

After several years in resort, Mandy and Mike feel it is important to play an active part in the community that they live in and represent.

Mandy will now be involved in making decisions on the direction and priorities of the council in the best interests of the commune. 

Congratulations Mandy!

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